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What is the touch screen sensing type for Magelis XBT GT terminals.
Magelis XBT GT series terminals have resistance type touch panel.The touch panel is made of two screens on which they use a transparent resistive...
How many Current transformers (CT) are used in Altistart 48 Soft Starter.
In the 'Q' range Altistart 48 Soft Starter two Current Transformers (CT) are used. In the 'Y' range Altistart 48 Soft Starter, three Current Transformers...
What is the booting time of Altistart 48 soft starter.
The booting time for the Altistart 48 soft starter (switch-off/switch-on) is approximately 1 second.
How to equate string type variables in Vijeo Designer application.
Generally arithmetic operators like +,-,*,== etc, are applicable on registers like INT, DINT, REAL etc, holding arithmetic values.  The script method...
Link to download Schneider Softwares
In the link below for "Download Center" ,you can download any Schneider document or software .:  
What is the part no of Unity Pro XL V11 single license software?
The part no of Unity Pro XL V11 single license software is UNYSPUEFUV1X.
How to read the Real Energy value from PM 210.
The Real Energy consumption measured by PM210 is stored in two words, register addresses 4000 and 4001. It is a long analog type variable (long word)....
Which are the latest GSD file revisions for ProfibusDP communication board of the Altivar 71 Drive.
The latest GSD File revisions required for ProfibusDP communication board of the Altivar 71 Drive are as follows:  1. The correct revision of GSD...
How to create a drop down menu in Vijeo Citect application for selecting items.
Sample Cicode script to get drop down menu feature for selection purpose in Vijeo Citect project is given below. ! Create a form, add combo box and...
What is the replacement of ATV31HD15N4
It is replaced with: ATV312HD15N4
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