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    Schneider Electric Energy Action Program

    Reducing and managing consumption to improve profitability and the environment


    What is true for our customers is also true for Schneider Electric
    Schneider Electric Energy Action Program is an internal initiative that aims at reducing Schneider Electric’s global energy consumption by 10% per employee at each production location by 2008.

    Using for our own benefit Schneider Electric energy specialists we’ve organized and executed a global project to audit, implement, and manage energy actions at our plants and offices sites around the world.

    Auditing and analyzing site energy consumption to implement impactful solutions
    - First step is to understand the baseline energy usage at each plant or office. Schneider Electric’s consultants perform energy audits which determine seasonally adjusted energy consumption levels, levels of installed energy efficient products and technologies, and behaviour of sites employees toward applying energy efficiency at work.
    - From these audits, consultants are able to understand where are the best opportunities to implement energy saving products, technologies and behaviours.

    - The deliverable of the audit is a detailed “Energy Action Plan”. It enables site managers to organise their local energy program and prioritise investments. There is no single standard solution we implement across all sites as they have different energy utilities, different purposes (some offices, some manufacturing) and different levels of experience towards applying energy efficiency techniques.

    - To sustain savings, we use automation & monitoring systems to measure, control and analyse installation energy usage. We must continue improving for long-term results.

    Using our own strength to obtain quickly real and sustained savings
    At a product and technology level, Schneider Electric is able to install many solutions from our own range of energy efficient products (metering and monitoring solutions, lighting solutions, variable speed drives, energy controllers and control, command devices). These typically are linked to intelligent control systems that automatically help to manage and sustain the savings.

    Implementing energy efficiency solutions on our own sites has already provided Schneider Electric with real and sustained savings. This program:
    - Helped us to demonstrate our ability in deploying efficient energy saving solutions.
    - Helped us to improve our environmental performance by reducing GHG emissions.
    - Improved our profitability through reduced utility costs.

    Schneider Electric UK has implemented an Energy Action Campaign in all their sites.

    On a constant price base, they have saved 14% of their total consumption costs in months.

    Schneider Electric US has launched Energy Action campaigns at 2/3rds of their facilities resulting in a total savings of $2 Million dollars. One specific facility reduced electrical expenses by 27% and the water bill by 9% with a return on investment of 2-3 years.

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    To know more 

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