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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                  Industrial Performance

                                  Make the most of your industrial investment


                                  Your Challenges?
                                  • Solve typical industrial issues such as capacity, factory organization, optimization of processes
                                  • Organize internal change of mindset for lasting results

                                  What do we offer?
                                  • Consulting
                                  • Diagnostic
                                  • Productivity
                                  • Hands-on training
                                  • Change management


                                  Based on a structured LEAN approach deployed across most Schneider Electric factories

                                  Scope of the offer covers the entire industrial process: production, supply chain, quality, methods, maintenance, …


                                  How does this work?

                                  • Conduct a first assessment of your potential gains in productivity
                                  • Identify together key areas of focus
                                  • Initiate the change, chasing quick Return On Investment
                                  • Establish time-lasting improvements

                                  What are the benefits for you as an OEM?
                                  • Accelerated implementation in your own factory of proven tools and methods to increase industrial efficiency
                                  • Generation of direct savings during machine assembly phase
                                  • Optimization of your industrial investment
                                  • Competence transfer to your teams through hands-on training