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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                  Risk Management

                                  Access international markets while minimizing associated


                                  Your Challenges?
                                  • Expand business beyond home or regional market
                                  • Minimize associated risks

                                  > What do we offer?
                                  Benefit from the cumulative Schneider Electric own experience in international dealings
                                  • Information, training and personalized case studies


                                  This is a multiple entry program depending on your situation:
                                  • Risk Management discovery: Get to know the most important elements
                                  • Risk Management in depth: A 2 day training course for your teams to master essential requirements

                                  Scope covers subjects such as Contractual clauses, non payment risk management, Risk coverage tools, Bank guarantees, International Commercial Terms (InCoTerms), …

                                  What are the benefits for you as an OEM?
                                  • Active management of export-related challenges
                                  • Protection of your assets and increase of profitability