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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                  Your partner in HVAC & R

                                  Maximise comfort while minimising energy consumption

                                  Designing and manufacturing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment is your business. Our solutions help you make the most of your HVAC & R installations throughout the entire life cycle of your machinery.
                                  Reduce energy consumption
                                  Integrated energy conservation design lowers energy consumption through:
                                  - Use of energy-saving and quadratic ratio laws by drive ATV 21
                                  - Improved energy management through flow rate adjustments
                                  - Equipment monitoring (diagnostic, fault management, alarms) for immediate intervention

                                  Improve air quality and comfort
                                  A complete automation and control solution enables optimal air treatment by:
                                  - Accurately controlling air handler air flow
                                  - Enhancing comfort through reduced fan operation noise
                                  - Remotely monitoring air handlers (dampers, filters, etc.)

                                  Lower costs and expedite time to market
                                  Compact, ready-to-install drive bundles reduce installation cost and enable:
                                  - More rapid testing and commissioning
                                  - Easy integration into building management systems

                                  Save time designing
                                   Ask our experts to assist you in designing your machines

                                   TeSys motor control
                                  Reduce installation costs with compact design and simple wiring.
                                   ATV 21 HVAC drive
                                  Easy integration into Building Management systems.
                                   Twido controller
                                  Provides flexibility and simplicity(refrigeration applications).