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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                  Solutions for mid-range machines

                                  Make the most of your manufacturing capability

                                  You seek to develop standardised, user-friendly automated installations with complete and independent sub-assemblies.
                                  Our solutions provide you with tested, validated and documented generic architectures.

                                  They will help you to easily build and upgrade automated distributed machines featuring:
                                  - Open, high-performance networks
                                  - Improved modularity and flexibility
                                  - Remote diagnostics


                                  Offer high modularity and flexibility
                                  - Automation islands combining human machine dialogue, control of power and I/Os offer a real solution to build flexible and modular installations

                                  Maximise machine productivity
                                  - Increase productivity efficiency from design to maintenance, throughout the installation life cycle
                                  - Meet varying performance requirements through complementary of CANopen and Ethernet standards

                                  Integrate time-saving remote diagnostics
                                  - Offer a complete and transparent remote access solution for maintenance, alerts and servicing

                                  1 preferred architecture

                                  Distributed CanOpen High Performance
                                  For large installations requiring distributed automation, performance, modularity and customisation