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Original Equipment Manufacturers

                                  Your partner in packaging

                                  Increase performance while reducing changeover time

                                  Designing and manufacturing packaging equipment is your core competency. Our solutions help you make the most of your machinery throughout the entire life cycle of your installations.
                                  Increase performance and flexibility
                                  The upscale PacDrive™ solution from ELAU enables you to increase performance through:
                                  - High production speeds
                                  - Fully automated changeover for quick adaptation to a new type of product or package
                                  - Easy customisation at very low cost

                                  Expedite time to market and reduce commissioning time
                                  - A single tool for design and maintenance ensures consistency throughout life cycle
                                  - Software libraries shorten design lead-time
                                  - CANopen architecture facilitates integration of all system control components
                                  - Ready-to-use cabling systems reduce installation time

                                  Synchronise multiple axes

                                  - Scalable architecture enabling synchronisation of up to 99 axes
                                  - Possibility of integrating robot functionalities

                                  Reduce maintenance costs
                                  Reliable diagnostics are performed directly in the controller AND can be viewed on the control panel or through remote connection

                                  Save time designing


                                   PacDrive™ motion/logic control and software
                                  Proven in over 30,000 applications
                                   PacDrive™ Servo drive and motor
                                   Lexium motion controller
                                   Modicon M340 programmable controller
                                   ATV71,ATV31 drives
                                   Lexium 05 servo drives
                                   Sensors and safety devices
                                   Magelis XBT GT

                                  Discover our Collaborative Automation Partner Program: new partners to complete our OEM solutions for targeted applications