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Building Automation & Security

        Integrated solutions for building management

            How to implement a completely integrated solution for building automation, security, and electrical distribution and facility management services?
        Schneider Electric responds to Ideapark need in Finland.

        Located near Tampere, Finland, the Ideapark shopping complex is the perfect place to spend a long winter’s day. Schneider Electric meets the daily challenge of handling Ideapark’s energy management.

        From building automation to electrical distribution and facility management
        In Finland, Schneider Electric and subsidiary TAC first got involved in this ambitious project as technical advisors in the planning stage. This early vision of the project made it possible to connect the fibre optic management system to the energy management network that evaluates, analyzes and distributes power. In addition, the use of add-on systems such as frequency controllers for air supply units or HVAC pumps made it possible to achieve savings on labour, installation and wiring.
        As a result, heat consumption was reduced by a factor of 8 as compared to average shopping malls in Finland.
        Next, Schneider Electric took charge of the complex’s building management for 10 years. It was also involved in choosing and managing providers of IT, security, fire protection, cleaning and waste treatment services.

        Benefits of effective energy management
        “Schneider Electric demonstrated that it is possible to significantly reduce energy costs from buildings. Lower operating expenses not only lift operating profit in the short term but also translate into a higher return on investment for developers” says Henry Sukari, Managing Director of Ideapark, “especially when a property is sold”. In addition, the customer gets regular updates on energy consumption, which can be adjusted to needs, while enjoying a comfortable, work-friendly environment.

        To know more

        To know more 

        Ideapark in figures

        7 million visitors in 2007
        tenants, shops, restaurants on 100,000 m²

        The solution at a glance
        Buildingautomation and security
        > HVAC
        > Lighting control
        > Media centre
        > Security: Access control + CCTV (140 cameras) + Fire detection

        Electrical distribution:
        > MV switchgear MV/LV transformers, LV switchgear
        > Busway + Tenant’s panels

        Critical power: UPS

        Services: Facility management

        The benefits
        € 500,000 saved in cabling
        Heat consumption divided by 8 *
        Electricity consumption - 56%*
        Maintenance costs savings and simplification

        *Compared to Average mall consumption in Finland after energy audit (in KWh/M3)
        Source: Motiva, an energy sector expert organisation. The company produces expert services in order to promote efficient energy use and renewable energy. The company’s services are utilised by the public administration, businesses, communities, and consumers.