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Buildings – Managing Energy & Security

        Intrusion Detection

        Instant detection, better protection


        The security of your people and facilities depends on your system’s ability to quickly detect and communicate an intrusion anytime and anywhere it occurs. That’s why intrusion detection is a fundamental component of Schneider Electric Building’s integrated security solution. With all your security applications working together, incidents are instantly detected, identified, reported, and acted on.

        Motion sensors and window contacts automatically send alarms to command central when an intrusion event occurs in a secured zone. Security personnel can respond immediately. Real-time, actionable alerts mean faster response and greater protection for your people and property.

        To further leverage your investment, we can integrate security and building management systems: that way, intrusion detectors can perform the added function of control lighting, heating, cooling, and ventilation, based on occupancy. This becomes a smart start to an energy efficiency plan, leading to significant savings.

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