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Protection against electrocution

                          My switchboard

                            The electrical safeguard of my home

                          Basically, the switchboard protects your home from electrically
                          ignited fires (short-circuits).

                          Thanks to residual-current circuit breakers, now it can also protect
                          your family from electrocution.

                          For your safety, it must be :

                          • sheltered from any influence of waters,
                          • made of best-quality materials,
                          • highly resistive to shocks.

                          No hole must enable inserting tool or finger.
                          A gate covering the circuit-breakers, when in normal conditions, is advisable.


                          Residual-current circuit-breaker

                          Your ultimate protection against electrocution

                          This specific circuit-breaker detects electrocution currents and cuts power off
                          immediately, before any damage occurs.

                          Easy to recognize thanks to :

                          • its white push-button
                          • its “30 mA” marking.

                          It is from now on compulsory on supply of :

                          • socket outlets
                          • all circuits in the bathroom
                          • outdoors power outlets and lightings.
                          2 or 3 RCCBs in your switchboard avoid all the home to be blacked out when one trips.
                          To know more

                          To know more 

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