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Success story: Algerian National Defence Ministry (Algeria)

Electrical distribution in Oran and Constantine military hospitals





Customer profile:

The Algerian National Defence Ministry has launched a large programme to construct military hospitals. Brown & Roots Condor are the consulting engineers for Oran and Constantine hospitals. In particular they are responsible for:

  • Carrying out all the electrical distribution studies specific to hospital installations with respect to standards and regulations.
  • Supplying each site with all the necessary electrical equipment and associated automation systems.

Customer objective and constraints:

  • These two hospitals represent over 700 beds and had to be operational in 2004.
  • The installed power is over 10 MVA. The architecture and specifications for the electrical distribution are identical.


Implementation methodology (main phases):

Brown & Roots Condor has entrusted the project to the American engineering company William Berry, who specialises in hospitals, and who in turn has asked Schneider Electric to supply all of the

electrical equipment. Schneider Electric has been chosen according to their experience in the following fields:

  • electrical networks,
  • MV/LV equipment,
  • protection and discrimination studies,
  • electrical distribution automation systems,
  • specifications transcription from American standards (ANSI Nema) to European standards (IEC).


1 year : 2003 to 2004

Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures…):


  • Studies and services
  • Electrical distribution for each hospital with a Seefox supervision system with mimic panels for alarm management, dynamic monitoring of networks status and recording of installation's parameters,
  • Supply of complementary equipment.


Customer benefits:

  • Specifications transcription from American standards (ANSI Nema) to European standards (IEC).