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Success story: Fos Cavaou LNG Terminal (France)

MV architecture dependability design for O&G large sites




Key customer benefits:

Availability better than 99,977%, Overall target unreliability < 1 occurrence/year


Customer profile (*):

  • Consulting Engineering for all fields relating to Natural Gas. In partnership with foreign companies, it was responsible for the new liquid natural gas terminal designed to provide 8 billions m3 of Natural Gas per year with a storage capacity of 330,000 m3 in 3 reservoirs.

Customer objective and constraints (*):

  • Validate the electrical distribution network architecture to show that availability and reliability targets for the process have been met, taking into account:
     - Load sensitivity
     - Futur network expansion
     - Equipment maintainability


Implementation methodology (main phases) (*):

  • Electrical Distribution Network Reliability Study
    1. Understand and identify risks
    2. Optimize architecture, compare solutions, highlight weak points
    3. Design redundancies and back-up configurations
    4. Optimize maintenance plan


  • 2005: 6 months

Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures…) (*):




Customer benefits (*):

  • Loss of gas emission on distribution & transport network :
     - Overall target unavailability < 2 hours per year; P(t) < 2,28.10-4; Availability better than 99,977%
     - Overall target unreliability < 1 occurrence per year; λeq (t) < 1,14.10-4 /h

Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

Target availability and reliability are achieved thanks to:
  • Taking into account dependability issues from the early stage of the project
  • Redundancy implemented at architecture level
  • Automatic reconfiguration
  • Process equipment dispatching
  • Failure detection system