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Success story: Petrobras (Brazil)

Onshore scattered oilfield power supply





Customer profile (*):

  • The Production Asset of Alto do Rodrigues (ATP-ARG) is one of the three Production Assets of the Business Unit of Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará (UN-RNCE), exploited by PETROBRAS.
  • This unit is responsible for the production of oil and gas in 12 onshore fields and 1 offshore field, with daily average production of 25,000 barrels in 2003.
  • There are over 2,300 production wells distributed in an area of about 80 Km long, using mechanical pumping, progressive capacity pumping and underwater centrifuge pumping as methods of elevation.

Customer objective and constraints (*):

  • Identification of defect type and site - the operator came to the site where the recloser was installed and checked the protection relay and the events through local access. Given that installed reclosers are located only in the outlet of feeders, visual inspection was made in the whole area of the defect.
  • High maneuver times - to perform a load transfer maneuver two (2) to three (3) two-men teams are needed. These times are high because of the safety procedures required for this type of operation, travel of the teams and time spent in communication among the involved teams.
  • Blockage of automatic switching - in preventive maintenance with live line teams in which it was necessary to block automatic switching of reclosers we had to call an electrician to come to the equipment to make the operation, which generated time wasted in the operation.
  • Lack of remote monitoring - in the previous situation we had only some readings of the electrical variables such as: active power, reactive power, current and power factor and current equipment operation status.


Implementation methodology (main phases) (*):

  • Implementation of COSE (Operational Center of the Electrical Sytem) as a turnkey system was performed by the company CDi Power S.A., (100% subsidiary of SE Brazil) based on the technical specifications defined by Petrobras.


  • 2003

Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures…) (*):




Customer benefits (*):

  • Immediate control and reclosing of power distribution to all pumping systems.

Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

  • Total system supply, including field equipment
  • Electrical Distribution system similar to Electric Utilities