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Success story: Tengizchevroil (Kazakhstan - Central Asia Countries)

Supply and electrical management of the Tengiz oil production site




Key customer benefits:

  • Increase its production by more than 80%.


Customer profile:

Tengizchevroil (TCO) operates the Tengiz oil production site, situated in the Caspian region of Kazakhstan. TCO is a joint enterprise set up by Chevron with ExxonMobil, Kazakhstan Ventures Inc., Kazmunaigas and LukArco.

Customer objective and constraints:

The customer objective is to increase the existing oil and gas production:

- 300,000 to 550,000 barrels of oil per day by 2008

- 400,000 to 750,000 standard cubics feet of gas per day by 2008


Implementation methodology (main phases):

As part of this project, Schneider Electric has offered a complete solution for the electrical supply to new installations, and for the site's control and monitoring system :

  • help defining equipment and functions to carry out,
  • HV, MV, LV network expansion,
  • supply and commissioning of the site's control and monitoring system using a full redundancy architecture,
  • provisional supply to the site during construction.


From 2002 to 2007

Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures…):




Electrical supply

The Tengiz oil production site has its own electrical energy production (gas turbines) and uses the 110 Kv national grid as a standby power source. For the site's expansion, the installed power has been doubled ( 500 MW).For the Second Generation Project (SGP), Schneider Electric has carried out:

  • A 12-bay 110 kV outdoor substation with ‘‘double busbars and transfer'', including the civil engineering works, eqquiped with Sepam protection relays,
  • 10 kV medium voltage distribution,
  • 690 V and 380 V distribution including (PCCs and MCCs),
  • harmonic filtering and power factor correction,
  • temporary supply to the site during construction.

Energy Management and Control System (Seefox EMCS)

The EMCS enables users to monitor the quality of the network's  electrical power. Its manages the elctrical distribution network and controls lighting and heating in the facilities; The system is totally integrated with existing systems.


Power Management System (PMS)
The PMS sets and balances the 9 gas turbine (40 to 130 MW ) active and reactive power output. Its controls the entwork voltages of the 3 production sites that are 1 km apart. Its manages the spinning reserve to optimse gas trurbine operation.


Test and training simulator
This simulator is a miniature real-time replica of the site. Its consists of a high and medium voltage distribution network simulator interfaced with the site's PLCs and the EMCS supervisor. It enables the power system's reactions to PMS control to be reliably tested according to the sits'energy requirements. 



Customer benefits:

  • Increase its production by more than 80%.

Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

  • The ability to propose an engineered offer with a totally monitored and controlled system and a totally redundant architecture.
  • The experience of Schneider Electric in the Oil & Gas market to manage the technical and commercial request, the development of specificities (Russian GOST certification for ED), the creation of intimacy relations with the EPC milieu.
  • Perfect collaboration team of the teams to show to our customer our technical expertise.
  • The presence of the Schneider word-wide network thanks to many references.
  • The market approach of the contract team as well as its knowledge of the complete Schneider catalogue allowed to offer a global system with communication capabilities.