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Success story: Bacviz Kecskemet (Hungary)

Service solution to reduce energy consumption and electricity bill in a pumping station




Key customer benefits:

15% energy savings, ROI in less than 3 years


Customer profile (*):

  • Bacviz is the operation company in charge of providing drinking water to the town and region of Kecskemet. It represents a population of 120 000 inhabitants.

Customer objective and constraints (*):

  • In Hungary the electrical utility providing electrical energy to the water operation company has a price policy based on a fixed subscription. When the water utility has peak demands over the subscription value some penalties are applied. The water utility, want to avoid this cost.
  • More generally a clear understanding of the consumption of the different process steps is required to optimize the process. On average electricity bill represents up to 30% of operation cost for a water utility.


Implementation methodology (main phases) (*):

1. Meeting with operators to understand the key step of its process : deep underground pumping, sand filters, chlorination.
2. Instrumentation of the electrical network of the customer with measurement devices connected to a web server.
3. Analysis of the data collected by the Schneider Electric services team.
4. Creation of an official report on a regular basis and presentation of the conclusions to the operation company staff.


  • 2 years: 2004 to 2006

Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures…) (*):


1. Revamping of Low Voltage switchgear
2. Compact NS Micrologic electronic trip units
3. Powerlogic meters and control
4. Modbus/Ethernet communication units
5. Ethernet server information collection
6. Information analysis

How did we estimate the energy savings (methodology, tools, ...)

  • Energy savings have been directly obtained by the reduction of the contract from a 600kW base to a 400kW base (winter subscription)


Customer benefits (*):

  • The customer has a lower contract with the water utility.
  • He is able to manage the process to avoid peak demand: no filters backwashing during deep water pumping for instance.
  • Balancing of the pumps to limit ageing.
  • Pulsed air compressor optimisation.

Customer testimonies (Verbatim):

  • Plant operation manager: “After 6 months of operation and the two first monitoring reports we have optimized the energy cost. We wish to extend the complete supervision of our electrical equipment on 2 pumping stations at Kecskemet.”

Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

  • Local service team collaboration with a local panel builder.
  • Full solution proposed by the same team including electrical equipment revamping, Ethernet TCP/IP transmission of data via a safe router, interpretation of data by experts, quarterly reports for recommendations.