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Success story: Grasse "Les Roumiguières" (France)

Integrated control solution for a Waste water treatment plant with innovative process




Key customer benefits:

Cost effective and size optimized solution 30% saved on wiring costs


Customer profile (*):

  • Town of Grasse has entrusted to Degrémont the construction of a waste water treatment facility (capacity of     25 000 Equivalent Inhabitants), using a new ultra-filtration membrane technology, called Ultrabox®.
  • This very compact technology is offering a higher treatment capacity for a given plant size.
  • Schneider Electric automation solution has been selected for the control system.
  • This plant is operated by Suez.
  • Graniou was the system integrator in charge of the automation project execution.

Customer objective and constraints (*):

  • Constraints about discharge level in the Roumiguières valley. Searching for an adapted process, in a protected area, with space limitation.
  • Installation has to face with following constraints :
    - High availability
    - Flexible extension
    - Compact size


Implementation methodology (main phases) (*):

1. Answer stringent specification from customer
2. Implementation taking into account flexibility for future evolutions
3. After sales service

Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures…) (*):


Automation structure is mainly based on:

  • Redundant warm standby programmable controllers, bringing high system availability
  • STB distributed I/Os islands (for the different process functional units), providing complete integration of motor starters (simplified wiring to STB thanks to pre-made cabling) and variable speed drives (via STB canopen extension) on the FIP network. This solution is compact and easy to expand.


Customer benefits (*):

  • High availability of installation
  • Flexible extension capabilities
  • Compact size

Customer testimonies (Verbatim):

  • Stéphane Abram, Graniou system integrator project manager: “Thanks to STB islands, we saved on space, with a reduction of 3 or 4 meters of linear enclosure space. But we saved also on wiring: we have an estimating saving time in wiring of approximately 30% ...  We selected Tesys U motor starters for easy connection, compact size, and flexibility for the user: only 3 references are covering 80% of the requirements of motor starters on the site”.

Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

  • Cost effective solution brought by compactness of equipment and wiring cost reduction, thanks to the associated use of STB distributed I/Os, TesysU motor starters and ATV drives.