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Can we provide PTC motor protection for ATV61/ ATV71?

For ATV61/ ATV71, LI6 is a discrete input with which you can switch between two modes: PTC probe and 24V DC, in this case, the switch "SW2" on the control board has to be adjusted to "PTC" as per the snap shot below

Thermal monitoring via PTC probes is provided on ATV61/ATV71 drives by specific inputs.
Common characteristics of these inputs
Nominal value < 1.5 kohms: This corresponds to a maximum of 6 probes (250 ohms at 20°C) or to two sets of 3 (sometimes prewired in the motors).
Trip resistance 3 kohms
Reset value 1.8 kohms
Short-circuit protection < 50 ohms
Location of the inputs
Input LI6 on the terminal block: Wire the PTC probes between terminals LI6 and 0V; this input is seen as a PTC input if switch SW2 is set to PTC
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