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In ATV71 Lift VFD, It is not possible to change the “[Motor control type] (Ctt)” to “Sync. mot -SYn” for encoder check, Only “SVC V” and “SVC I” are visible?

In ATV71L**** + Synchronous motor combination - the VFD parameter with factory default settings, the "[Motor control type] (Ctt)" - "SVC V" and "SVC I" only will be visible and when the encoder card VW3A3411 is inserted "FVC" and "Sync. CL" also will be available. 

The motor control type displayed in drive is depending on the compatibility of other application functions default assigned for the specific applications screen shot below is for your reference, it indicates open loop synchronous motor function is not compatible with Brake logic control function. In factory setting, the brake logic control is enabled as default parameter setting in ATV Lift application, hence the "Sync.Mot" option is disabled in motor control type parameter.

Hence if you disable the brake logic control(set BLC to NO), you will be able to see the parameter "Sync.Mot" in motor control type and you can do the encoder check in motor in motor control type 'Sync.Mot".

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