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ATV312 drive gives DCB (DC Braking) message frequently, how to avoid DCB alarm?

The DCB (DC braking) is a status of drive and it is not a alarm or fault, hence it is not a problem. The DCB status  indication should come during declaration of the drive while reducing the speed or stopping the drive. It is a status indication during DC injection braking applied to the motor by drive during stopping or declaration.

If you want to avoid this status indication, you can do the below parameter changes to avoid DCB status 
1. Application Function (FUN) ----> Stop Mode (STC) -----> Type of Stop (STT) - change to "Ramp Stop - RMP" or "Freewheel stop - NST". I believe the "STT" parameter is set to "DCI - DC injection braking", hence the drive will be showing the status of DCB during declaration.

2. You should also change the "Auto DC injection - ADC" parameter to "NO" from Application function (FUN) menu to avoid DC injuction during drive stop. 

You will not find DCB status indication after changing the above parameters.
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