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In ATV71 Lift VFD, how to check and correct the optimal direction of lift during evacuation function?

Evacuation function is used in lift application with UPS power supply to complete the evacuation / rescue of passengers when the power goes out.  During evacuation function is "ON", the drive calculate the power for up and down direction and decide to take the optimal direction, so that the evacuation is done at optimized power consumption.

Below are the recommended basic parameters for evacuation function in ATV71 Lift Drive:
Evacuation assign RST : LI1 to LI6
Evacuation Input Voltage RSU: 220V
Evacuation Frequency RSP : 5 HZ

Opt. rescue mode ORM: Auto
Resc max current RCLI: Auto
Cust.Rescue Speed ORSP : 0.100m/s

Based on above parameter settings, the drive calculate the optimized power consumption and decide the direction. 
The optimized direction for rescue mode is available on a relay output if set to [Rescue dir.] (Opt). If the output is at active state (1), it means that the forward direction requires less power than reverse. The output at passive state (0) means that the reverse direction requires less power than forward.

means, you can assign the [R1 CONFIGURATION] to "[Rescue dir.] (Opt)"
during rescue operation, you can monitor this relay output and drive running direction. If the relay output is active(1), the drive should run in forward and the lift should go upward direction. If the relay output is passive(0), the drive should run in reverse direction and the lift should run downward direction.
By any chance, if the lift direction is just opposite than above direction, it may happen due the reason the parameter "Output phase rotation - PHR" is set to "ACB - Reverse". The same should be corrected as "ABC - Forward", also the forward and reverse commands should be interchanged to avoid malfunctioning during lift normal running.

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