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Can we achieve THD <5% as per IEEE 519 with Standard ATV630 drives by adding passive filter or we should select Low harmonic drives?

1. IEEE 519 concerns to complete installation, not to a single product. Solution to fulfill IEEE519 requirements has to cover customer's installation which means:

a) The harmonic should be measured at point of common coupling (PCC)
b) the harmonic limit in IEEE519 will vary depends upon short-circuit current ratio of the upstream transformer

Please find in attachment short extract of IEEE 519 requirements.

If you need to comply the harmonic <5%, you may use Altivar Process drive with passive filter, which indicates the harmonic is acheived <5%. Some of the ATV61 series drive power range also indicating harmonic <5% with passive filter. But this 5% harmonic is guaranteed for 100% loading with proper transformer rating selection, hence we can not guarentee the compliance of IEEE519, for low loading conditions.

If you need to comply with IEEE519, We recommend in first step to calculate harmonics for whole installation after collection the complete details form customer. For this purpose you can use Harmonic simulation tool (It is for Schneider Electric internal access only)
The harmonic simulation is possible with line choke and DC choke. It is not possible to do the simulation with Passive filter. Hence we will recommend to use ATV61 + line choke combination with Active Filter or Active Front end / Low harmonic drive to comply with IEEE519.


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