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What are the causes of fault 64 nonvolatile in LTMR

The Non Volatile error is the result of some instability in Firmware of the Tesys T if wrong current values are configured.

e.g for an LTMR100 the operating current range is 5 to 100A and in case it is configured for a value less than 5A at the time of testing etc , then this may result in the Non-Volatile Error.

The fault does not go away by simply changing these setting to a value higher than 5A. The memory requires to be refreshed with a downgrade and upgrade procedure for the Firmware.
Generally this firmware upgrade needs to be done either by or in presence of SE Engineer , who is trained to work on Tesys T as any mistake in the firmware update process can permanently damage the product.

Kindly find the below link for the procedure
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