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In ATV61/ATV71 Can we view the history of list of events like data, time,,etc for the faults?

For ATV61/ATV71, you can check the occurred fault through Diagnostics menu, you can also check via Somove software the fault history up to 8 faults in the software however it is only the fault (i.e. the time, date,,etc) is not mentioned, so it is not a fault log.
However through communication, you can obtain more data about each of the above faults (8 fault history) like the data & time, which means through communication with drive, you can obtain log for 8 faults, Kindly find the information that can be obtained about each fault in the attached document. (ATV61_fault log)
So, the drive log functionality is still limited up to 8 faults,
Generally speaking, specially if logging is required on larger scale, event logging is done through other softwares like SCADA Vijeo Historian & Citect.

So, to sum up, you have the below options for call logging:
1- If the fault log required is less than 8 faults, then this can be done through ATV communication
2- If the fault log required is more than 8 faults, then the customer can go to softwares like Vijeo Historian & Citect.

Kindly find the below snapshots for more clarification

Drive Diagnostic menu:

Somove Fault History:

Communication parameters fault log:

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