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What are the reasons for system fault code 49 on LTMR08MFM (Motor Management SYSTEM )

Fault Code 49 = Stop Checkback

The LTM R controller performs diagnostic tests that detect and monitor the proper functionality of control


There are 4 control command diagnostic functions:

 Start Command Check

 Run Check Back

 Stop Command Check

 Stop Check Back


Stop Check Back

The Stop Check Back causes the LTM R controller to continuously monitor the main circuit to ensure no

current is flowing. The Stop Check Back:

 reports a Stop Check Back fault or warning if average phase current is detected for longer than 0.5

seconds without a Run command, or

 ends, when a Run command executes

Actions that can be taken :

Check the following:

 relay outputs

 all wiring, including:

 control wiring circuit, including all electromechanical devices

 power wiring circuit, including all components

 load CT wiring.

After all checks are complete:

1 Reset the fault.

2 If the fault persists, cycle power and wait 30 s.

3 If the fault persists, replace the LTM R controller.

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