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Is there a procedure to start Tesys T after long time storage, 2 years for example?

Actually, it would be required to do the following:
1. Tesys T will do "self test" after power on or manually command to "self test", and it will alarm fault if it exist the specific problem (see user manual about "self test": it will check all HW and functions)
2. Tesys T need also gradually power on (voltage treatment for capacitor long time stock,...) after 2 years over and 35C above condition:
For the power supply that supplies power to Tesys T, first set the voltage to a low value (approximately half the rated voltage) and let it run for about ten minutes.Then, increase the voltage to the appropriate value little by little while monitoring the working of a device.
Possible but not preferred : If the voltage is not adjustable, turn on the switch and let it run for about thirty minutes while confirming if the device complies with the specifications. Then turn off the switch before using the capacitor for practical applications.
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