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Do Micrologic trip units can communicate in IEC 61850

Masterpact NT/NW ACBs with Micrologic trip units can communicate in IEC 61850 protocol by using a Modbus-to-IEC61850 Gateway. Powerlogic G3200 (P/N G3200) is a Modbus-to-IEC61850 gateway that supports Edition 1 only of IEC61850 standard. It can be used to convert the Modbus communication of Masterpact NT/NW ACBs to IEC61850 protocol. The Micrologic Trip Units that are "recognized" by Powerlogic G3200 are as follows: 
1. 5.0 A, 7.0 A 
2. 6.0 P 
3. 7.0 H. 

However, we have ICD files only for Micrologics 7.0 A, 6.0 P, 7.0 P and a CCM mapping. This doesn't mean that the G3200 cannot use the missing models, but they have to be tested first. 

The term "recognized" means that G3200 firmware is able to communicate with those special devices that sometimes need complex commands before reading registers. 

Anyway, G3200 can map generic "UNK" (= unknown) Modbus devices and monitor the registers, thus making 3rd party Modbus devices available over MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification). Either minor editing of existing profiles or more complex engineering of new CID files can be done to achieve connectivity through G3200. 

Attached you will find an internal resolution with links to all existing G3200 ICD files. 

CET 850 is the software tool we use to configure ICD files for G3200. It can be downloaded from our global website via the following link: 

So to answer your question, YES Masterpact NT/NW ACBs with Micrologic trip units can be used to communicate in IEC61850 as illustrated above. 

I hope this fully answers the customer’s query. 
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