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I would like to know the technical characteristic for The arc sensor VA 1 DA ?

VA 1 DA is a point type arc flash sensor. Arc flash light is 
transformed to a current signal in the sensor. Chracterisitics: 
•  Standard 8000 - 10000 lux visible light sensitivity 
•  Wide area arc flash detection 
•  Typically <1 ms detection time 
•  Standard cable length 6m or 20m (cut to length on site) 
•  Easy to install (2 wired non polarity sensitive connection) 
•  Can be switchgear surface mounted, mounted in customer 
drilled holes in switchgear or on VYX001 Z shape or 
VYX002 L shape mounting plates available from VAMP or 
locally fabricated from supplied drawings. 
The sensor is used by an arc flash protection device (IED) or system to detect the light coming from the arc flash incident. 
The arc sensor VA 1 DA is activated by strong light. The sensor transforms the light information into the current signal, which is  used by the IED to indicate arc flash. 

For more details, please check the user manual attached 
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