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kindly advise us the time limited to apply voltage for coil terminal industrial contactor instead of silent contactor

 The contactor coils is design, when coil voltage is within voltage operating range and within temperature range, to be supplied 24H per day, 7 days per week and a year per year without damage.

Nevertheless, the contactor is device which is design and need to be operate at a regular rate.
But this will generate some side effect if the contactor is supplied for too long time.
In such condition, when contactor is supplied during month without opening, we generally notice some gluing effect which are the result of surface treatment of magnetic circuitry in conjunction with ambient dust and temperature generated by the coil.

This gluing effect increase, when coil supply is removed after many months, the contactor opening time in reason of this gluing effect.
Few contactor operations are sufficient to recover normal operating time of contactor.

In conclusion
Contactor coils can be supplied for many month without issue.
But we recommend to operate ( few successive contactor operation ) on a regular basis defined by customer ( we can suggest to start to few cycles per month at beginning, then increase slowly the time between to test cycle ) to verify that contactor opening time is as per product specification.
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