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What is the maximum THDI% permissible for Micrologic 6.0A trip unit equipped with NW12H2-3P-FIXED-85KA?

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there is no permissible THD limit for a circuit breaker. The THDi and THDv for networks are generally guided by IEEE 519-2014 and IEC 61000-4-7 standards. 

2. Micrologic A trip units do not offer measurements or protections in case of harmonics. In case harmonic measurements and indicators were required, you will have to opt-to Micrologic H. Micrologic H is the only Micrologic trip unit with harmonics measurements capability. 

3. Harmonics will generally cause nuisance tripping to all circuit breakers. Thus, when having a harmonics generator in your network, you are advised to use a choke or line reactor to remove/mitigate the harmonics. You can also use passive or active filters in some cases. " 
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