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Kindly provide the part number for the selection of soft starter 355KW @ 50 deg considered the derating in temperature

 Temperature derating

The information in the datasheet is based on operation at a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C.
The ATS 48 can be used up to an ambient temperature of 60°C as long as the max. permanent current in class
10 is derated by 2% for each degree above 40°C.
Example: ATS48C66Q   at 50°C derated by 10 x 2% = 20%, 660A becomes 660 x 0.8 = 528A (max. nominal
motor current).

so we suggest to use 


at 50°C derated by 10 x 2% = 20%, 855A becomes 855x 0.8 = 648A (max. nominal
motor current).

check the below datashet link :

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