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How to Create TAC Vista Interface to SmartStruxure?

TAC Vista to SmartStruxure interface is now available. It is possible to use SmartStruxure solution as the new user interface while maintaining TAC Vista running underneath. All controllers, TAC Vista Workstations, and TAC Vista Server(s) remain in place.

1. On the Vista server(s) install the TAC Vista SmartStruxure Interface first. Refer to Lessons Learned Article #14374 if there are any issues installing or getting the two programs to communicate when on the same PC.

2. In StruxureWare Workstation, on the Enterprise server object or the Automation server object right click and create new interface, and select the EcoStruxure Web Service interface in Workstation. Click next.

3. In the Server, enter the IP address of Vista server. If it is local, just use localhost. Enter the username and password of Vista Server. Pay attention that only the user in the default System user group can be used. Don't try to create other System group. And all the letters in the password field need to be in capital letters. This is a defect that will be addressed in the next release of TAC Vista to SmartStruxure interface. Please be selective with the port that you are using. If the Vista to SmartStruxure Interface program is on the same PC as the Enterprise server than a different port other than 80 or 443 will have to be used. Please refer to Lessons Learned Article #14374 if the two softwares need to be on the same machine. Click Create.

4. The next step is to Host TAC Vista objects into SmartStruxure. Refer to Lessons Learned Article #14969 for the guide of how to host Vista objects into SmartStruxure.

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