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Can Tesys T powered up by power supply (ABL8REM24050) .?

Yes it can be powered by ABL8REM24050 knowing that The ABL8REM24050 has a nominal output voltage of 24 Vdc, a current of maximal 5 A and a power of 120 W. 

These nominal output values are equal to the one of the ABL8RPS24050 which can power up to 12 LTM R controller. 

so if 12 of LTMR can be powered by a ABL8RPS24050, the maximum power consumption of one controller is 10W. 

So the ABL8REM should also be able to power up to 12 LTM R controller (12 x 10W) independent from its input power (100..240 Vac or 110..220Vdc).
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