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Weather Radar Networks

Installation, networking, and maintenance for radar observation systems

Performance that can be relied on to protect people, property

Weather Radar Networks
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    Weather radar networks are comprised of advanced radar system hardware and software:

    • antenna-pedestal subsystem
    • transmitter subsystem
    • receiver subsystem
    • processor subsystems

    Each radar system operates automatically and as part of a coordinated network. Each system detects and tracks weather phenomena in its designated area and continuously transmits data to regional and central processing centres equipped with workstations installed by Schneider Electric. There, mosaic images are generated that display comprehensive, near-real-time results of all parameters observed in all key locations.The information provided by Schneider Electric radar observation networks can be integrated with satellite images and with data originating from other-source networks. The radar network centres also allow remote control and monitoring of the local radar system.


    This comprehensive solution allows the meteorological service to be highly effective in:



    • Generating and broadcasting forecasts and warnings to the general public for dangerous weather conditions
    • Targeting weather predictions specific for sectors such as aviation, energy, and hydrology
    • Supporting decision making for emergency processes and public safety services


    Meteorological services are relying on Schneider Electric to install, network, and maintain the radar observation systems that are of strategic importance to their countries. These systems include not only data acquisition and management technology but also the control centre visualisation and analysis tools that enhance communication of the radar-based information.