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    Industry leader in sustainability

    For 4 years in a row, Schneider Electric is proud to be an industry leader on Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe and World.

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    COP 21 and our climate commitment

    « Regarding climate, I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic, I am an activist. Climate needs business solutions »

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    Schneider Electric makes the Climate "A-List"

    Schneider Electric makes the grade for best climate performers named in the Climate "A-List" by CDP for the fifth year in a row. We are proud to be listed on the Disclosure Index with a score of 100/100 for high-quality carbon emissions and energy data.

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    Climate change, our promise

    We help to sustain customer resources, reduce CO2 emissions, and to better manage and ensure more livable environments.

    Sustainability - The new critical success factor

    Through robust, smart monitoring of facilities and assets, a baseline can be established to track how resources are consumed. Improvements to efficiency can also be simulated, tested, and measured.
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    Access to energy is a basic human right

    At Schneider Electric, we care about the many places where we have a corporate presence. That means playing an active role in the economic and sustainable development of some of the most remote, off-grid communities worldwide.
    • Building in urban area, urbanization Living without energy: Schneider Electric has implemented off-grid solar systems at 128 primary schools in rural areas throughout Kenya.
    • Urbanization, woman from urban area The golden key to light in Myanmar: In Myanmar, where 70 percent of the population has no reliable supply of electricity, Schneider Electric helps make reliable and affordable electricity available to villagers in Targone, Yoe Gyi and Khalout Thaike in Ayeyarwady Region.
    • SD report 2016 Strategy & Sustainability Highlights 2015-2016: Discover how we're closing the energy gap and driving efficiency everywhere.

    Providing Sustainable Access to Energy

    Today nearly 1.1 billion people lack access to energy. Many companies offer stand-alone solar powered systems and mini-grid solutions but how can we effectively support communities that often cannot afford the purchase price and lack the know-how to operate the systems?
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    Climate action for sustainable growth

    There is a tangible connection between sustainability and business performance. Companies that have a clear strategy and are taking actions to reduce resource consumption and increase transparency are outperforming their peers.
    • A team of engineers works with a consultant to install hospital management system software. Sustainable growth in 8 Steps: Sustainability programs and reporting can boost consumer confidence, shareholder esteem — and a company’s bottom line.
    • Default Alternative Text Climate action plan: Initiate a program that works for you. Our white paper “From Theory to Reality: 3 Steps to Implementing a Sustainability Program” provides you with the guidance you need.
    • Default Alternative Text Renewable Revolution: Tune into a webinar that discusses how companies are leveraging the renewable revolution.

    Driving corporate sustainability and efficiency

    An Interactive eBook on leveraging energy and sustainability services for sustainable growth.
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    Connected and disruptive: technology builds momentum

    Transition to digital “smart” technology is enabling greater efficiency in our lives. Technology-driven sustainability gains are being amplified by widespread Internet connectivity and the advent of the “Internet of Things“.
    • Default Alternative Text Leading sustainability: Schneider Electric has been named leader in Verdandix Green Quadrant Building Energy Management Software 2015.
    • An site manager is able to monitor a facility on his tablet using Schneider Electric software Data is power: Now you can harness data to save money and reduce consumption.
    • Default Alternative Text Data meets nature: Learn how the deep waters of a Norwegian fjord help one data center save energy.
    • man and woman watching sunset as man has made his hands look like he is holding the sun. Utility eBook: Increase generation flexibility in wind energy.
    • A Schneider Electric consultant installing a home model of an EVLink charging station and explaining to the homeowner how to use it. How the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles must be able to adapt to changes in a developing market.

    Our Sustainability Commitment

    Learn how Schneider Electric is contributing to a connected, sustainable world.
    • Connect your Enterprise Connect enterprise energy and sustainability data for global enterprises.
    • Resource Advisor Find out how to transform sustainability data into action.
    • ADMS Extra efficiency for electrical utilities keeps positive energy flowing for millions.
    • StruxureWare Suites Software suites to drive business performance while conserving
      enterprise resources.
    • EVlink Charging Stations Electric vehicles help improve
      local air pollution and reduce
      greenhouse gases.
    • The Tools to Fight Climate Change With smart and connected technology, we can achieve the kind of efficiency needed to fight against climate change.
    • Energy Storage Adaptable Energy Management solutions to harness the full potential of clean energy and help solve the challenges of climate change

    StruxureWare Book

    Save energy, improve efficiency. And get more done, with less.
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