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    Microsol, an innovative solar micro plant

    Microsol solar panels and energy sustainability equipment


    You need to power a healthcare center, or infrastructure with continuous supply in an off-grid area. You want a sustainable and clean solar solution that produces more than electricity.  Technological innovation makes access to energy a reality even in the most isolated zones.
    • Solutions

      Microsol is a solar power plant designed to produce heat, electricity and optionally pure water for off-grid infrastructures.
    • Value Proposition

      • Production of heat, electricity and optionally purified water based on specific need
      • Energy production at a consistent level 24 hours per day 
      • Easy to use hybridization of Microsol with other energy sources: grid generator, photovoltaic, wind, etc.
    • Differentiation

      • Lifetime: at least 20 years 
      • Innovative solar panels: parabolic-trough concentrating solar collector field 
      • Fully customizable
      • Pure water production and optional remote monitoring system
    Doctors and nurses standing in a hospital corridor discussing healthcare solutions
    Industrial: Food processing, agriculture, textile manufacturing, waste water processing
    Commercial: tourism (hotels, eco centers, lodges), entrepreneurial activities
    Social Services: hospitals, health centers, schools, colleges, community centers


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      • Clean: No greenhouse gas emissions, no toxic materials, no electrochemical battery
    • Microsol field of green energy solar panels
      • Easy to use and to maintain
      • Remote supervision: monitoring of production, alert in case of malfunction
      • Rugged, maintainable: use of standard equipment
    • Doctors and nurses standing in a hospital corridor discussing healthcare solutions
      • Continuous supply: available energy 24 hours per day