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    Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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    Many utilities have invested heavily in geographic information systems (GIS). Until now these systems were used by a fraction of company employees, but utilities and communication service providers today need to leverage their existing systems and make geospatial information available across the entire organization.
    • Solutions

      • ArcFM™ for Utilities: Reliable Grid Intelligence
      • ArcFM Mobile Optimizes efficiency and accuracy of field work
      • ArcFM Server: Improved operational accuracy and productivity
      • ArcFM Viewer: Enterprise query and display tool with Inspector Extension to keep network asset representations accurate and up-to-date
      • ArcFM Designer: greater workflow efficiency for network design
    • Benefits

      The integration of the single geodatabase behind ArcFM Network means there is one version of the truth reliably informing critical functions. ArcFM Network gives you the power to expand this single version of the truth throughout your organization.