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    Food Safety Compliance for Dairy

    Fast motion image of factory workers grabbing bottles from the conveyor belt and putting them into boxes.


    Protect your brand equity and shareholder value

    More and more food safety accidents are happening throughout the world. Governments are reacting with higher regulations and a clear transfer of responsibility to the producers, making measures to help protect brand reputation a requirement.

    • Solutions

      We help your food safety compliance, and preserve brand equity and shareholder value.
    • Value Proposition

      Preserve your brand equity and shareholder value with better food safety compliance.
    • Differentiation

      Site Security + Building Management + Traceability and Genealogy + Serialization = a unique offering for your food safety compliance.


    • two workers in dairy manufacturing building inspecting product
      Implement complete food defense on your sites.
    • Milk bottling facility, food and beverage, manufacturing execution system, machine control.
      Automatically keep critical control points and important production parameter in your records.
    • Worker inspecting goats milk in dairy, food and beverage, machine control.
      Follow material flows and manage product genealogy to reduce recall or withdrawal procedure impact.
    • Dairy trucks parked outside of the manufacturing plant, food and beverage.
      Identify each product individually to reduce safety issues impact and fight counterfeiting.