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    Triconex Process safety solutions

    In excess of 13,000 installed systems used today. More than 600 million hours without failure on demand.

    • Triconex - #1 Safety System

      For over 30 years, Triconex safety and critical control platforms have been helping organizations manage risk and hazards and avoid unscheduled asset downtime and maximize process up-time.

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    • Chemical plant sees dramatic gains in productivity

      Looking for enhanced safety and improvements in productivity: the modernization of control and safety systems increased productivity in the plant close to 25% without having to add personnel.

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      Extending the operating life of existing assets. Maximizing capital utilization. Ensuring safe operation. Protecting against cyber attacks. Ensuring business continuity.
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      Triconex process safety solutions and services

      Ongoing innovations in functional safety technology, software applications, and Process Safety Management solutions continue to keep clients safe and sound.


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