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Automation and Control

        News: Automation and Control

        New TeSys EverLink motor starters from 40 to 65 A

        Up to 40% space savings

        •  Smaller compared to other competitor products, only 55 mm width.
        •  “S” shape busbar system for side by side mounting.
        •  Multiple tap busbar system for fast pre-wiring of power connection.

        Up to 50% time savings

        •  Combine without wiring, thanks to EverLink power terminal and spring terminals.
        •  Reverser kit for assembling a reverser starter without any risk of wiring errors.
        •  Common accessories throughout the 9 to 65 A motor starter range.

        Increase reliability and safety

        •  Mechanically linked auxiliary and mirror contacts, to include TeSys contactors in your safety applications.
        •  EverLink power terminal (conductor creep compensation) and spring control terminals.
        •  Type 2 tested motor starter.

        Increase automation

        •  TeSys Quickfit pre-wired control solution allows communication with PLCs

        3-phase motors up to 30 Kw 50/60 Hz (400V) and electrical distribution (AC1).