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        Osiris becomes OsiSense, the name for all the Schneider Electric sensors - Discover the OsiSense optical forks XUVR

        The new optical forks XUVR provide savings in purchasing, installation and adjustment costs.

        • 30% less expensive and easier to install.
        • 100% time savings for adjustment.

        Designed for packaging and conveying machines, they adapt to the size of your machine or application.

        • Depth adjustable between 30 and 120 mm.
        • M8 connector or bared wires connection.
        • Pre-drilled fixing holes with redrilling option on request.
        • Object passageway between 30 and 250 mm.

        Simple and robust, this new optical fork is mounted in record time, it is ready to use, no adjustment is necessary, as soon as it’s mounted it’s operational.
        The visible red beam simplifies alignment and also detects objects of any size, even those as small as 0.6 mm.
        Its IP65 and IP67 metal case prevents deformation and provides more robustness in severe environments.

        Main characteristics of the optical fork XUVR range

        • Sensing distance: 30 to 180 mm
        • Minimum size of beam: 0.6 to 0.9 mm
        • Transmission: visible redOutput: 3-wire PNP or NPN, NO or NC
        • Degree of protection: IP65 and IP67
        • Signalling: Yellow output LED