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Automation and Control

        News: Automation and Control

        TM2ALM3LT in a Museum

        The Terme di Diocleziano is one of the four sites of National Roman Museum


        The role of Twido in this Museum?
        Twido manages the air-conditioning and the lights.
        All along the Museum were placed around 40 island with a Twido Compact 24 I/Os CPU + TWDALM3LT

        The rise of the problem
        The measures of the temperature were not accurate enough, there were too many fluctuations.

        The solution of the problem
        Schneider Electric has involved the customer in a TM2AML3LT module field test without changing his application neither the architecture.
        The measures of the temperature have become accurate enough with a very good stability. This operation solved definitely the problem of this museum.